Tower Holdings' Management Team.

The company was formed in 2002 and was later incorporated in 2008.

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Tower Holdings Management

Management has the skills to manage the entire scope of Tower Holdings’ offerings. The import business requires hands-on involvement throughout the transaction cycle and relies heavily on the trust built between suppliers and Tower Holdings management. The export business is heavily focused on the front-end due diligence with ensuing transaction shipments an outcome of the upfront structuring and financing of a transaction at an institutional level. The export business is a multi-year repeating transaction business versus the import commodity market opportunistic nature of a heavily agro-based business. The balance of the export and import business within Tower Holdings at this stage of its development provides synergistic growth to both sectors.
Both elements of Tower Holdings’ business platforms are non-cyclical and non-seasonal. The government regulations on both the export and import business lines are well defined and Tower Holdings and its management are structured to fully comply with all regulations, international trade guidance and already enjoy good relationships with the relevant governmental agencies. Tower Holdings has cultivated relationships with the U.S. Embassy personnel responsible for aiding business growth and insuring against business dealings with suspected negative parties. All potential transactions Tower Holdings participates in will be vetted properly by appropriate U.S. authorities even though the transactions may not touch a U.S. territory.

Tower Holdings Team

Mauricio J. Rocha Botello “Mauricio

Mauricio is Chief Legal Officer and a member of the Board of Directors of Tower Holdings Ltd. and carries out the companies’ legal affairs. Mauricio graduated from the Universidad de Tecnológico de Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico and currently practices different areas of Mexican civil law, including corporate, administrative and tax law while concentrating on company business compliance and diplomatic relations.

Raul Rocha Cantu “Raul

Raul is Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tower Holdings Ltd. After graduating with a degree in business administration, Raul promptly built successful businesses in Mexico and United States and developed multiple cross border companies across numerous industries. Throughout his 35-year long career, Raul has founded companies in a wide array of industrial and commercial enterprise including natural resources, construction, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, energy, imports and exports and commodity trading. Raul is one of the leading owner/operators of gaming and entertainment in Mexico and is President of the Non-Government Organization (NGO) Niños-Mujeres-Ancianos Protegidos A.C. and holds the position of president in many of his multinational companies.

Randy Fenley “Randy

Randy is Managing Director of Tower Assets Ltd. USA and Chief Operating Officer and a member of the Board of Directors of Tower Holdings Ltd. Randy brings over 30 years of entrepreneurial business acumen and insight from his commercial successes and connections in commodity trading. With his global experience and long term approach to relationships (which very often become friendships), Randy has established a keen sense and ability for identifying potential market inefficiencies in emerging countries’ commodity markets “economies” which have led to sustainable business that takes advantage of the trading arbitrage (primarily agricultural products e.g. ICUMSA 45) between countries.

Randy’s collaborative approach to business is evident in his passion for NASCAR and motorsports racing. His foray into the sport was taking one of the original founding NASCAR teams from having no sponsorship to having several corporate sponsors who signed 6-year contracts in excess of $140 million.

Jorge Garduno “Jorge

Jorge currently serves as Managing Director of Tower Assets Ltd. Mexico and Managing Director of Tower Holdings Ltd. and was educated in Mexico City, Mexico, Boston, U.S. and Paris, France. Jorge is a dynamic business owner and executive with strong entrepreneurial and leadership skills combined with extensive business development experience leading many successful international businesses throughout his career. The ‘consummate professional’ establishing lofty goals with high expectations that enjoys working equally hard to support and accomplish each mission with the executive team Jorge has assembled to execute. Jorge is excited with the opportunities and potential of Tower Holdings Ltd. and its global expansion.

Luis David Núñez Gutiérrez “Luis

Luis is Managing Director of Tower Holdings Ltd. and is focused on the prosperity of his businesses while maintaining sound ideals and principles with a concern for his collaborators. Luis’s dream started with the Renault R-5 car in 1984 and through hard work and perseverance he opened his business in 1986 with 5 locations by 1992 Luis’s company "Planet Car" had expanded to 15 locations.

Over the years, with the support and involvement of his family, Luis has pursued many new business opportunities and established successful automotive (including financing/leasing services and luxury car rental and gas stations throughout Mexico ) and real estate businesses (including construction of villas, home apartments and shopping centers in Acapulco).

Isaac Osei “Isaac

Isaac is Managing Director of Tower Assets Ltd. Africa. Isaac is a 47 year old Ghanaian married with kids who is a professional chartered certified accountant (ACCA Member since 2003), a shrewd entrepreneur, security and finance expert who acquired his training at London College of Accountancy in the UK. Isaac went on to London South Bank University for his MSc (Accounting with Finance). Isaac’s strategic financial planning and management skills and experience assist in building human and institutional capacity for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). Isaac founded several companies with a focus on infrastructure project procurement, cocoa trading and financing and has been responsible for the formation, re-engineering and restructuring of several organizations in Ghana across key industries such a real estate, mining, energy, micro-finance, cocoa, and other businesses in the agriculture sector, including Mycocoa Support Ltd. the largest cocoa buying co-op in Ghana. Currently Isaac is a member of African Centre for Enterprise Development (ACED) and Business Development Manager (Ghana) of SMiB Corporation New Zealand.

Manoj Dodani “Manoj

Manoj is a member of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Tower Holdings Ltd. and Managing Director of Tower Assets Ltd. USA. Manoj is a multilingual, high-energy world traveled entrepreneurial executive with 30+ years of experience, who creates strategic alliances with organizational leaders to effectively align and support key business initiatives. He holds a wide range of business and real estate experience ranging from renewable energy project development and financing to global commodities trade and finance. Manoj is proficient in structuring processes and procedures that help streamline management efficiency. Above all is his passion for finding business solutions of problems and leveraging the strengths of a team while encouraging an individual’s personal growth and training. With Manoj’s vision and the global reach of Tower Holdings Ltd.’s trading platform, Tower Holdings Ltd. competes as an industry leader and trading partner.

Padaam Singhania “Padaam

Padaam is a member of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Tower Holdings Ltd. and Managing Director of Tower Assets Ltd. USA. Padaam is a philanthropist and an entrepreneur who has 30+ years of experience in manufacturing, international trade, financial services and real estate. With his background as an investor banker, Padaam is a leading authority in international structured finance, infrastructure investment, risk mitigation and transactional trade finance. With Padaam’s financial prowess, global reach and drive to deliver the right financial structure for each transaction, Tower Holdings Ltd. gives its clients, vendors and partners the comfort to know that they will always receive sound advice.