Tower Holdings' Management Team.

The company was formed in 2002 and was later incorporated in 2008.

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Tower Holdings Management

Management has the skills to manage the entire scope of Tower Holdings’ offerings. The import business requires hands-on involvement throughout the transaction cycle and relies heavily on the trust built between suppliers and Tower Holdings management. The export business is heavily focused on the front-end due diligence with ensuing transaction shipments an outcome of the upfront structuring and financing of a transaction at an institutional level. The export business is a multi-year repeating transaction business versus the import commodity market opportunistic nature of a heavily agro-based business. The balance of the export and import business within Tower Holdings at this stage of its development provides synergistic growth to both sectors.
Both elements of Tower Holdings’ business platforms are non-cyclical and non-seasonal. The government regulations on both the export and import business lines are well defined and Tower Holdings and its management are structured to fully comply with all regulations, international trade guidance and already enjoy good relationships with the relevant governmental agencies. Tower Holdings has cultivated relationships with the U.S. Embassy personnel responsible for aiding business growth and insuring against business dealings with suspected negative parties. All potential transactions Tower Holdings participates in will be vetted properly by appropriate U.S. authorities even though the transactions may not touch a U.S. territory.